Give Gaurav Hope.

MissMalini , 02 Feb 2009

I don’t forward chain mail. I don’t believe all those desperate messages asking you to help some child in Africa. I don’t think Bill Gates plans to give any of us any of his cash for passing on random forwards about Windows 2000.  I also don’t think they’ll ever shut down Facebook if I don’t log in every twenty minutes (even though I do.)

But today someone sent me this and I feel like you should know about it, maybe you can help? Maybe I just did?

Gaurav before
Gaurav, wife – Anuradha and son – Amay (before this happened)
Coloring life with Amay (17 Jan 09)
Coloring life with Amay (17 Jan 09) is website to request financial help/donations for Gaurav Tandon from Mumbai, India who issuffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of Blood Cancer. It gives regular updates about Gaurav’s health and makes you realise just how fragile life can be and how lucky we’re are to have our health.

As of Feb 1st 2009
Rs. 1.5Cr (US$ 333,000)
(Minimum projected treatment cost)
Target Date: 15-Feb-09
Achieved: Rs. 41L (US$ 91,000)

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