Be a Chaddi Buddy.

MissMalini , 10 Feb 2009


There’s a huge movement on you may have heard of known cheekily as “The Pink Chaddi Campaign.” It  kicked off a few days ago to tell the Sri Ram Sena what’s what and has grown exponentially since  (1,300 at this point in the life of our consortium of pub-going, “Loose and Forward Women”)  And honestly, most women in this country have enough stress to deal with without being banned from relishing a post-work cocktail if we so desire.

(In case you missed the moral police at play watch this video.)

So here’s the plan.

Here is we want to do with the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Join in. Be imaginative, have fun and fight back!

Step 1: It doesn’t matter if the last time you thought about Valentine”s Day was when you were 13. If ever. This year lets send the Sri Ram Sena some love. Let us send them some pink chaddis.  Excavate your closet, buy them cheap just make sure they are pink  and send them to the Sena at the following address:

Pramod Muthalik
Chief Bully Boy
Sri Rama Sena
#11, Behind New Bus Stand, Gokhul Road,
Near Lakshmi Park
Hubli – Karnataka

If you don’t want to mail them yourself, you can drop your “package” at one of several “Chaddi Collection Points.” They’ll be collecting them across the country through this week and sending the packages off on February 12. More information about Chaddi Collectors in your city soon on this blog.

Step 2: Send the Pink Chaddi Campaign a photograph of the package.  Tell us how many chaddis you are sending out and inspire other women in other cities. You can post up your info on the Facebook group.

Step 3: On Valentine’s Day the plan is a “Pub Bharo” action. Go to a pub wherever you are. From Kabul to Chennai to Guwahati to Singapore, LA to San Francisco. It does not matter if you are actually not a pub-goer or not even much of a drinker. Let us raise a toast (it can even be juice) to Indian women. Take a photo or video. We will put it together (more on how later) and send this as well to the Sri Ram Sena.

Step 4: After Valentine’s Day we should get some of our elected leaders to agree that beating up women is ummm… “Against Indian culture.”

For right now, ask not what Dr V.S. Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his blog.

Send him some love.

For the Pink Chaddi Campaign

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