94.3 Radio One Classic Sundays

MissMalini , 12 Feb 2009

cassette-tape-1Remember when your entire CD collection used to look like this? (I used to pride myself on my mix-tape making skills, particularly around this time of year!) So here’s the rub. Starting March 1st 2009, 94.3 Radio One is playing all your favorite English Retro Classics back to back from 5pm to 1am. Woohoo! (You know I play International Rock & Pop Monday to Thursday 9 to midnight too right?) So tune in and turn it up and revisit your mix-tape days. I need some help compiling this play list though so if you tell me what your all time favorite retro classics are I can throw those into the mix! Here, I’ll get you started with my Top 5 (High Fidelity style) Blasts from the Past:

  1. C&C Music Factory – Everybody Dance Now
  2. KLF – Justified & Ancient
  3. Snap – The Power
  4. MC Solaar -Nouveau Western
  5. London Beat – I’ve Been Thinking About You

Your turn!

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