Plastic Fantastic. (Who Nose?)

MissMalini , 12 Feb 2009

Priyanka Chopra and mum Madhu Chopra are busy putting the finishing touches on their hi-tech cosmetic surgery clinic in Juhu, Mumbai. (So busy in fact that Mrs. Chopra couldn’t even accompany her son Siddharth Chopra to Geneva where he is off to do a one-year culinary course. (Dad went instead.)

Back to the clinic though, they’ve named it Studio Aesthetic and have been collecting machines and equipment for the past year. Priyanka quipped “I should’ve waited for my mom’s clinic. I’d have got a discount! But seriously, if I had gone through cosmetic surgery I’d happily admit it. There’s nothing wrong with it. But the fact is, what has happened to me is not surgery. It’s polishing. When I came in I was raw and inexperienced about diet, work-outs, makeup. Over a period of time I’ve understood my body face and mind. That shows in my appearance and performances.”

(But how about that nose job Miss Chops?)

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