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MissMalini , 13 Mar 2009


Apart from loving being On Air the best part of working at 94.3 Radio One is my motley crew of cool and quirky colleagues. One of them is Rishi O. Kishnani who is also quite the movie buff and posts a blog a day on the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies he’s seen. Funnily enough we rarely agree on what constitutes a great movie, (perhaps because I’m a hopeless romantic and he’s a true blue film critic) but its always fun to hear his point of view, check out his latest reviews on


Delhi 6

Dev D.

Slumdog Millionaire



Oh and speaking of Australia, how awesome was Hugh Jackman as the host for the 81st Academy Awards? He sings, he dances, he acts on stage and on screen, and he’s even made the “Sexiest Man Alive” list.  Hugh Jackman joined the impressive lineup of comic hosts at the Oscars joining the ranks of Jon Stewart, who hosted in 2008 and 2006,  Ellen DeGeneres, the 2007 host,  Billy Crystal (who’s done it eight times), Whoopi Goldberg (who’s done four), two time host Steve Martin, David Letterman and (the seriously politcially incorrect) Chris Rock.

In case you missed his opening act, here it is on YouTube.


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