Got Cleavage, Will Party.

MissMalini , 31 Mar 2009

I kid you not I got this in the mail today:

“In keeping abreast of National Cleavage Day this week, Digital Chocolate presents A Night of Diamond Cleavage exclusively at FTV Sunninghill.  The perfect ending to the week and beginning to the weekend. Ladies are on call to show off their assets in the finest manner.  The essential excuses to bare it all, well almost, Free Entrance for the most cleavage shown.  It doesn’t get sexier or sassier than this. Our entertainment is kind to the ears and our society is delicious to the eyes.  On the turntables will be our Friday residents, DJ Sebastian, DJ Kevin B, DJ Jason 2 Ray and DJ Shabbz. Looking at cleavage is like the sun, you can look at it, but it’s dangerous to stare.”

Clearly you can’t make this stuff up so I just had to google it to get the dish; apparently FTV is all about the parties. Except this one is all the way over in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa. Obviously they’ve done this before and their last party invitation looked like this:


(I know its a long way to go but for the boys who are committed to cleavage here’s a map just in case.)


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