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MissMalini , 02 Apr 2009


It’s that time again… time to peak at what our good old “celebrity status” is on Facebook! (Didjya know by the way that there are over 60,000 brands and celebrities of every shape and size on facebook, someone even made a list of the Top 100 Facebook Pages: Celebrities and Public FiguresKatrina Kaif’s # 159 with 50,519 fans.)

Ranvir Shorey is really excited about the BT dinner tonite!!
Kelly ‘kende’ Dorji is grateful for facebook and the direct connection he has with all our people in Bhutan and the world over!
Suchitra Pillai waits for some respite from the mumbai heat!
Rocky Star
(That’s Rocky S. the designer)  is having withdrawal symptoms……..
Nisha JamVwal summer is about moonlight swims under azure skies , warm frangipani sea breezes , smoked salmon, bellinis ……. for me…. welcome summer nights ……. 
Nikhil Chinapa is wishing his friend Bipin peace and happiness. Play on in heaven my brother.
Randolph Correia mixing shaa’ir + func’s 3rd album to perfection :-) or so i think.
Farhan Akhtar‘s sketch courtesy Shashank AcharyaBobby Friction New Shisha Soundsystem ‘Global Electro’ album is speaker rippin, amp bustin, brain destryin diamond of a compilation.xxx
Suved Lohia is enjoying lyin down on the grass and watching the birds fly by
Rajeev Samant had his first crumb-fried mussels of the year..
Juhi Pande thinks she might wake up to yellow
Mehnaz Hoosein went horse back riding on a trail alongside the snowy Cascade mountains. Heavenly!
Sapna Bhavnani is in Goa
Kaytee Namgyal is back in Mumbai.
Monica Dogra performing Mikey McCleary’s Music tonight in Bombay at Del Italia. Indeed, you are invited.
Matan Schabracq is back on Facebook after a nudity-censorship-scam that shocked the world…
Aqeel Ali in miami for wmc.
Riyaaz Amlani will work for food.
Ishitta Arun is pretty amused. 
Sameer Malhotra is super excited about Mikey McCleary’s solo debut tonight at “Daddy’s WindSong Wednesdays” at Del Italia, featuring Lucky Ali and Monica Dogra! Yeehaa!
Anushka Manchanda Earth Hour- 28th March,2009. 8 30 – 930 pm.http://www.youtube.com/user/earthhour2009.
Midnite Manuel so much to do and so little time!!!
Shveta Salv E wonders…”If the going gets tough….and then the tough get goin…”…where the hell do they go…?????
Krsna Mehta is Delhi and around Delhi 2nd to the 6th… :-).
Pratichee Mohapatra was that a sign?? :P.
Acquin Pais wants to know if anyone is coming down from London to Bombay anytime soon need a big favour…….
Pia Trivedi misses the girlieeeessss like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.
Yudhishtir Urs do you want to act or wait for the situation to play its self out till its too late for you to act? act now, in the now and act well. be a hero! 
Candice Pinto is tryin to get her health bk on track in kolkata. 

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