Ekta Kapoor's dead-end Drama

Ekta Kapoor's dead-end Drama


This afternoon on the Nikki Bedi show Shefali wanted an update on what’s happening with one of Ekta Kapoor’s myriad TV soap operas “Kya Dil Mein Hain.”


This passionate drama is about a Bengali girl, Kaakon (played by Abigail who incidentally refuses to use her step-father Vijay Pande’s surname ) who loses her heart to the man of her dreams and goes against her parents’ wishes and marries the handsome Drona. Kaakon’s marriage obviously has many surprises in store but she persists against all odds. The drama depicts the journey of this Indian woman as she faces life’s realities. It portrays her as a strong and brave woman who, when put through trying times, will go against her inherited traditional values to fight for her rights. And there you have it, Kaakon in her journey in this gripping story  of Love, Sacrifice and Betrayal!

Unfortunately for those following this gripping tale I’m told that either the show’s producers (Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor) and director (Garry Bhinder) had a fall out and decided to cold war it after episode 98 or the main hero Amir Ali Malik (aka Rahul) left the show. This is the last anybody knows of Kaakon’s crisis (supported by heavy lightening and drama.)


*sigh* What a loss to the world. Sorry Shefali :)