Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up. I was browsing facebook a minute ago (relishing the first lazy morning of my delightful three-day weekend) when I found this. “T-Lounge Presents ” Heels & Wheels” vol-1: Gurls wear your best Heels, Guys drive your best Wheels” (which begs the question, who are these “gurls” and guys who have the luxury of multiple “wheels” to begin with? ) Somehow I feel this would only happen in Delhi.


Please notice the disturbingly morphed high-heeled shoe and the front end of a car on the invite. Plus the slightly eerie “girls enter and drink free all night long.”  It further goes to say  “In our pursuit to give the best night out experience to all the party people we at T-Lounge present a new concept night every Friday, Volume-1 starting from tomorrow. So Ladies wear the best Heels you got and guys drive in with best Wheels you got. Music policy- mix of commercial hip hop, pop, Bollywood and Punjabi remixes (ah yes no party is complete without those) by Resident DJ Abhir and Guest DJ Kuber. Ladies enter and drink for free all night long, guys pay Rs 1000 to enter (with a surprise element attached) To get your names on the list call or text ur (forgive me but I generally mistrust anyone who types or texts this way) names and number of people on 91-989977…”

So I’ve thought about it and I have no idea what that means. What kind of “attached” surprise element could they possibly mean? And then there’s that ever elusive “list” which means you’re ever-so-slightly more special than the non-list plebs.

I guess the lesson to be learnt here is that just because it rhymes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant to be a party theme. (Also how exactly does this work? Once the boys park their wheels then is it all about the heels?) I’m not buying it.

Now Zenzi, Mumbai’s Matan Schabracq on the other hand knows how to throw a theme party. Whether it’s a super hero brunch or a white & florescent party his bash is a garunteed blast. Pictures coming soon 🙂