Anil Kapoor Lands a Part on 24

MissMalini , 20 Apr 2009
Kiefer Sutherland and Anil Kapoor

Did you hear about this? Anil Kapoor is soon going to join agent Jack Bauer’s ceaseless crusade against terrorists in the latest season of the hit series 24. I myself recall being heavily addicted (and severely sleep deprived) for the first few seasons before I got fed up of Kiefer Sutherland saving the world from near-annihilation every few hours. But good job Anil Kapoor, looks like his Slumdog success is certainly taking him places. In fact he consulted his children Sonam, Rhea and Harsh and their friends before signing on the project and got this enthusiastic response, “Do it! Even if you have to pay them to do it!” In 24, he reveals, “I play a positive character; that was the first thing I made clear. After Slumdog, I didn’t want to play another negative character. I start shooting May-end.”

(…and here’s hoping he never has to say the world “Millionaire” on camera again.)

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