Ladies who Brunch

MissMalini , 23 Apr 2009



Harper’s BAZAAR managed quite a feat this Thursday afternoon getting all the glitterati girls (and women) to show up and scarf down a delectable luxury buffet at Café Prato & Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. Sujata Assomull (Editor, Harper’s BAZAAR India) zipped down from Delhi (where she’s now based) and played perfect hostess to every size and shape of “Mrs. Socialite” including
Rita Dhody, Rhea Pillai, Akanksha Nanda, Ramona Garware, Pinky Reddy, Anju Taraporewala, Prerna Goel, Devieka Bhojwani, Malavika Sangghvi, Gauri Pohoomul, Monica Vaziralli, Simone Singh, Shefali Khanna,  Paulomi Dhawan, Chaya Momaya, Zeba Kohli and Sharmila Khanna over vino, salmon and sea bass. (Vineeta Trivedi who loves sea food was trying desperately to figure out what you’d call this fish in Hindi so she could score some at the local market. Anyone know?) Aarti Surendranath (clearly not keen on sabotaging her diet) asked that the chef rustle up a little spinach delight but confessed that her strategy would depend entirely on what was for dessert (which I’m told was divine and one of the ladies, I wish I knew who, even ate four!)

I also got the skinny on “fashion politics” from Divya Mohta who’s tell-it-like-it-is company is rarely unexciting. Everyone had a giggle over the fact that given it was a “work day” people were perhaps tied up and therefore coming in (fashionably) late but then again how many of this ladies actually work?!




Nina Manuel’s heavily accented replacement host Amrit Maghera got the once over (many times) from everyone and looked decidedly nervous amid such critical company. Oh and incise you were wondering how they put together all those clever “people mingling” montages I finally figured it out. This adorable waiter even managed to serve drinks (with a straight face) and a camera on his tray!



Meanwhile the edgy ladies Lilette Dubey and Shobhaa De seemed to be getting along famously over cigarettes and secrets on the patio and were definitely the “cool kids” at the party. Eventually everyone went home happy with a little goody bag of macaroons, diamante studded gold pencils and of course a copy of the magazine. Ah the good life!

(The “posed” pictures  and a peak at this month’s issue coming soon!)

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