Dev and Frieda sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

MissMalini , 25 Apr 2009



So turns out it was lunch not dinner. Kissing in daylight? Woah there tiger. (I think its hilarious that most people are either shocked or slightly pissed off about this (um mostly guys though, I mean Dev Patel is sweet and all but give me Imran Khan any day.) But gentlemen really why blame Dev? It’s not like she knows you exist anyway right? Although you never know who you might end up sitting next to in business class these days!

An onlooker said: “She couldn’t help cuddling up to him. They kept staring into each other’s eyes. You know what I just realised? Considering that almost everyone on the planet has probably seen Slumdog Millionare by now these two are more recognizable than Kareena Kapoor. Man that’s got to suck for the Queen. (Also if you remember her candid kiss with Shahid Kapoor wasn’t captured quite so tastefully.)

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