Do you have the time, Arm Candy?

MissMalini , 05 May 2009



Ok so we all know chicks love chocolate but only a man would think a watch collection inspired by various forms of chocolate would excite any girl over the age of 9 (probably the same dude who thought that we like our men to smell like chocolate too and went right ahead and invented a decidedly nauseating deodorant with that epiphany!) I still thank my lucky stars that I missed the ramp reveal last August at the Taj President, Mumbai when they got female models to lick chocolate off some sweaty guys shoulder. Euww!! But alas, there was no escape from this (seriously) spooky commercial.

Anyway, Titan Raga Chocolat watch collection launched last week at the hands of Amrita Rao lets see what the press kit has to say; “Reveal the secret of seduction with Raga Chocolat! from Titan Collection of watches inspired by the sensuality of Chocolate. Various forms of Chocolate, the molten brown chocolate to Solid browns and whites, inspire the watches in this collection. True to the inspiration – the watches sport Chocolate brown finishes on metal, dials & straps. Perfect for a chocolate lover, the Raga Chocolat! collection is sure to lure you into addiction and those around you, into a chocolate reverie. Every watch from Raga Chocolat! collection truly represents beauty, femininity and sensuality. This collection is a reiteration of Raga’s promise to be an intimate companion to every Indian woman.”

I wonder who comes up with this stuff?

Present at the launch, Ms. Shyamala Ramanan, Marketing Manager, Titan, commented, “Titan Raga is for women who believes in being graceful, beautiful and wants the world around notice her. This new collection of beautiful watches inspired from chocolate will surely express the desire of every woman.”

Aha! I believe we may have identified a suspect Watson.

Seriously though, the only time-related aspect of watches named Choco Lure, Sinful Bliss, Chocolate Fondue, Passion Soufflé, Wicked Brownie, Choco-whirls and Choco-Block is that it’s probably time for my sugar fix (which might help me mellow down from being so riled up over the ridiculousness of it all.)

But go see for yourself, maybe you’ll be into a little “arm candy”
Affordably priced at 1,995rs to 9,000rs the Raga Chocolat collection is available at all World of Titan showrooms, leading multi-brand outlets and departmental stores across the country.

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