Dino-Lara-Kelly: Happier Times

MissMalini , 06 May 2009
Happier Times - June 2007
Munish Makhija, Pooja Bhaat, Dino Morea, Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji with friends

I was house-keeping again stumbled upon this picture from a chance run in with the rich and restless at Indigo, Mumbai nearly two years ago in June 2007. While the oblivious Munish Makhija (aka Muna aka Uddham Singh) blocked the Mrs. Pooja Bhatt Makija‘s 100 watt toothless smile, Dino Morea, Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorji seemed as thick as ever. This happy trio however fell apart when later that year Lara and Kelly’s 8-year romance ended bitterly. Of course the plot thickens (this is Bollywood after all!) and Lara started dating former BF’s BFF Dino. But as they say, all things end badly, or else they would never end and Lara and Dino went splitsville too after recurring run-ins with his former flame Nandita Mahtani.

(Why do I feel like singing the Justin Timberlake song “What goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back around?”)

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