So GQ’s Wednesday Bar Night at Olive is turning out to be quite the hotspot! In fact I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how they manage to pull off stylish soirees on a regular basis without ever compromising on class (this also means they always have Redbull at the open bar which I truly appreciate.) Remember the launch party? That was super hip. Plus the magazine has had my heart throb Aamir Khan on the cover (with a pretty well crafted interview inside) and their first bar night was a roaring success. (Maxim eat your heart out. Although I had a conversation with Alex Kuruvilla yesterday and he pointed out that there was actually no magazine (in the same league)  that really compares, I guess that’s fair. Its also true that guys actually read this stuff (when they’re not flipping through Cosmo that is) so they’re clearly on to something.

So here’s my LPC action from the night (Press kit photos to follow…)

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler and Amrit Maghera
Narendra Kumar, Gerard Butler and Ken Chin
Narendra Kumar and Gerard Butler
Gregorry David Roberts
Gregory David Roberts
Bandana Tewari
Bandana Tewari

In a blur of heat (and the distinct aroma of horses) I spotted Gerard Butler (remember I told you he was in town?)  While the boys commented (with some degree of satisfaction) that “he really isn’t as jacked as he looks in 300″ he spent most of his night getting oodles of attention from members of the female persuasion (and clearly loving every minute of it.) Tarana Raja Kapoor had a funny exchange with him about having dubbed for the Queen in the Hindi version of 300 to which he replied with a snarky “So how was I in bed in the Hindi version?” Another popular face at the party turned out to be good ‘ol Shantaram Gregory David Roberts who flashed me a friendly smile unlike the slightly grumpier Mr. Butler! Amrit Maghera pulled of the whole “barbie” ensemble with a straight face and managed her first Hollywood scoop for After Hours with a satisfied grin on her face, (Nina Manuel’s stilettos can’t have been easy to fill!) Meanwhile Narendra Kumar Ahmed looked like he’s been working out although he kept joking with me that he was just holding his stomach in. (Man if you could teach some of us girls to do that we’d never work out!) Uday Benegal also appeared out of nowhere much to the delight of some long time fans and friends and Bandana Tewari zipped around with the kind of dynamite energy I’m praying to God I still possess post parenthood!

P.S. This what the buzz over at is… to surmise: they love him in white and they really want him back!

And Now Say Hello to My Monochromatic Friend!

Same colors, same party but sadly getting it SO wrong.

Not like I was saving the best for last but just when you thought (based on his relatively normal attire at the last GQ bar night) that Yash Birla had finally retired his futuristic wardrobe and any moment now was gonna do a big fat “gotcha!” on the paparazzi (who remain mystified but trigger happy) perhaps even admitting that he had been kidding all along he shows up in this psychadelic tee shirt which could possible be the ugliest shirt in the world. Challengers?

Yash Birla
Yash Birla

Honorable mention in the fugly department goes to this dress and that belt. (I’m not a fan but I’ll let the experts decide. Ladies?)