Priyanka Chopra v/s Kareena Kapoor

MissMalini , 11 May 2009
Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor

You must have heard by now how much Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra despise each other. So I wonder how Bebo feels about her cousin Ranbir Kapoor signing on to do a romantic comedy with her. (I guess after ex boyfriend Shahid Kapoor decided to befriend PC it was all over anyway, can’t get much worse than that right?!) So anyway Sajid Nadiadwala next flick set in the US features Ranbir and Priyanka. The plot initially was about a love story between a fat girl and a good looking guy (sounds like a take off on “Shallow Hall” doesn’t it? Except that by no stretch of the imagination could Jack Black be considered “hot!”) but since no Bollywood actress in her right mind would ever accept sucha roll (so maybe Kangna would be up for it) they’ve tweaked things but it’s still apparently romance with a twist.

PC and Bebo getting along
PC and Bebo getting along?

Though their rivalry goes a long way back they briefly made up back in 2007 when they appeared together on KBC 3 with Shah Rukh Khan.

From what I can tell it all started when quizzed about her biggest competition Kareena responded, “The only actress of my generation that I really like is Rani. I don’t see any other actresses.” the journalist pressed on about Priyanka and Bipasha Basu who were doing reasonably to which Kareena responded, “I said ‘actresses.”


Priyanka’s response was far more sedate, “Bebo is a more senior and hopefully more mature actress than me. I guess she’s qualified to comment on my calibre,” adding, “When I reach her level of experience maybe I too can comment on the calibre of my contemporaries and juniors. I’d just like to let my work speak for me. And that includes Aitraaz where Kareena was also a part.”

PC when asked what the problem was replied, “I don’t know. From my end there’s none. I recently met her at a Diwali cards party. And she was fine with me. Only she can answer why she thinks so poorly of me. As far as I’m concerned I think she was splendid in Jab We Met. I like to give credit where it’s due. And you know what? On some level it’s flattering when colleagues give you importance.”

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