Huston We Have a Problem.

MissMalini , 12 May 2009

For starters can I just say that this Zoozoo “Poke your friends on Facebook” still cracks me up? (Especially when one of them gets poked in the eye.) Hilarious, but moving on. So just as I was about to post another rave about the Zoozoos I got this comment on my blog…

Of course I had to investigate and sure enough if you hunt for either of those numbers on fotolia or “3D Human” you get a selection of little white faced folks who appear to be engaged in very “Zoozoo like” activities. Having said that it’s pretty much what a-day-in-the-life-of any cutsey character (Zoo-lander or otherwise) might be like. I mean what were you expecting? Dressed up giraffes in the costumes performing while lying on their backs?! (Thanks vuuvuu.)







The Zoozoos simply appear to be the cone headed (or if you prefer egg-headed) cousins of these little faceless dudes. Now if you’re not willing to accept that “great minds think alike” and feel like this just a little too much of a coincidence or  perhaps more like a case of good ‘ol Indian “inspiration” then fine. But you gotta hand it to them, they’ve even captured the hearts and minds of those who remain stoically indifferent to cricket (like myself, for instance) and make it impossible not to watch as the next in the series reveals itself.


I love that this one takes you back through the scenes of previous Zoozoo commercials subtly creating a little world we never knew existed. (Oh which reminds me, read Tom Holt’s “Little People” and while you’re at it “Snow White and the Seven Samurai” and we’ll talk!)

And if that’s not good enough, lets go to the blogging conscience of the Indian media. Quick Amitabh Nanda tell us whattothink!

(P.S. The desi’s will get the irony in the fact the website is called “fotolia”  Haan, photo liya, liya to liya, kya bura kiya?!)

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