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MissMalini , 13 May 2009

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So I stumbled upon a cool new blog recently all thanks to the directory of top Indian Blogs (oh and yay! Guess who just randomly got featured there?!) Now I realise sending you off to another bloggers domain could be detrimental to my cause but I’m hoping (as Justin Timberlake so succinctly put it) that “what goes around goes around goes around comes right back around.” Come on Karma, do your thing!

So it’s called Aspi’s Drift and its (quite literally) a delightfully sardonic “drift” about everything from Music to Bollywood to TV commercials, to Indian TV (mostly reality dance) shows and anything else that shows up on this witty bloggers radar. The first post I read was a hilarious consipracy theory on hidden codes in Indian advertising and since I had seen the very same episode of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 which Aspi decided to “review” I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read this;

…Now paired with her new choreographer – Himanshu – Gauhar executed the following dance.

Gauhar is on the phone discussing wedding anniversary plans with Himanshu. (Stay with me here – its a dance so the phone is a fake one). Suddenly she hears a loud crash on the line. WTF? she wonders. Just then the doorbell rings. Himanshu has arrived.

“Ah you made it!” she exclaims. “How could I not for an occasion like this” says fake husband trying to cock his head cutely. Dancing ensues. Both strike numerous poses and execute a bunch of ballroom moves cocked like dancers in a Paso Doble. Then Himanshu melts away in the background. Phone rings. Gauhar picks up. “Your husband is dead!” the voice at the other ends says. Gauhar executes scenery chomping acting and crumbles to the floor.

And thus, Gauhar killed her choreographer on the show. Tremendously absorbing stuff…
read the whole thing here

Good stuff Aspi ji. Good stuff.

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