Last night’s jam band Something Relevant rocked the house at Il Terazzo, Juhu (Mumbai.) The latest in the addition to live acts on Daddy’s Wind Song Wednesdays, this was by far the most impressive performance I have seen there.  And man do these guys know how to bring it on! Aazin Printer on vocals (as my friend rightly pointed out) had all the charismatic qualities that a killer lead requires and of course exceptional stage presence. Performing up close and personal for an audience on a hot summer’s night with an 8-piece band could not have been easy and these guys take it up a notch with their adorable saxaphonist (who was raving about the food at Del Italia by the way) Ryan Sadri looked pretty smoking with his sax in hand and shades on (and man the boy can play!), eye-candy Stuart DaCosta on bass and a vocals does a hilarious new song called “Barbeque Mosquito” totally worth checking out. Aalok Padhye on percussion layed into the tabla even though he was tucked away in a corner behind the speakers, Luis Chico on piano, keyboards and laptops had the biggest grin on through the night while Tanmay B. ripped it up on lead guitar, Jehangir Jehangir aka JJ kicked back on drums. They even threw a trombone player Armeet Panesar into the mix last night and there it was, pure magic.

Sameer Malhotra and Aazin Painter
Sameer “Daddy” Malhotra and Aazin Painter
Kim Jagtiani
Kim Jagtiani
Reema Sen and Sandali Sinha
Riyaaz Amlani and Ken Gosh
Riyaaz Amlani and Ken Gosh

The celebrity turn out included Imran Khan and girlfriend Avantika Malik (surprisingly the paparazzi respected their desire not to be photographed which is sweet and sad all at the same time, damn I wish my camera had worked!), Sapna Bhavnani who swayed to the beat in her own little world up front by the speakers, Ken Gosh, Reema Sen, Sandali Sinha and Kim Jagtiani. I even spotted Renuka Kunzru (remember her from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na?) with a cute new bob (I mean haircut not boyfriend.)

The PR says “the ‘Jam band’ known for their jumping genres and switching musical styles, along with their on-stage theatrics, put up an outstanding performance at Il Terrazzo for their weekly event Daddy’s Windsong Wednesday. Highly unpredictable, energetic and fun, Something Relevant had a large arsenal of musical styles at their disposal, ranging from reggae, bossa nova, blues and swing to rap, jazz, rock mixed with local Bombay sounds.”

Here, here.
I love that they sing about everyday things like having to go to work tomorrow, that damn mosquito, even a non-cheesey comfort song for the broken hearted.
I love that they have fun with it on stage and play, not just for you but with you.
I love that they wanted their band name to mean something relevant so they named themselves “Something Relevant!” (Besides you gotta love a band that sings a song called “Horn Ok Please” about Mumbai traffic Dave Mathews style.)


By they way they’re all about connecting with their audience so add them on Facebook here! Check  their new album out soon its called “It’s Good to be Live” (again like the band name they wanted a title that expressed how much they love to perform live!)



P.S. These uncaptioned pictures came from the PR. When I inquired q’est es? They said (ironically), “I know they’re famous, I just don’t know who they are.” Word.