T-1 Day and counting...

MissMalini , 25 May 2009


So it’s nearly my birthday! (I realise at some point I am going to have to stop getting so excited about this stuff but I figure I can pull it off for a few more years. I did refrain from doing the 10 day countdown and I figure that’s a start.) But since you never know who may stumble along here I figured I put my wish list back up just in case.

Ok apart from that I’ve always maintained that Gemini’s (apart from getting all sorts of random flak for being “two-faced”) have made their way on to the glitterati pages time and again. Here’s a run down of the rich and restless May-born Gemini’s I think it’s cool to share my twin sign with.


May 21
s B.I.G. (would have turned 37) East Coast Gangsta-rapper gunned down in L.A. in 1997. (Remember? Puff Daddy even made him a song “I’ll be missing you” with Faith Evans)

May 22
Ginnifer Goodwin (31) Actress from “He’s Just Not That into You.”
Naomi Campbell (39) British supermodel
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (would have turned 150) Author of the Sherlock Holmes detective novels

(35) singer/song-writer
Joan Collins (76) Scandalous as Alexis Carrington on the TV show Dynasty

May 25
Lauryn Hill (34) Fugees singer
Mike Myers (46) Actor and star of the Austin Powers & Shrek series

May 27
Andre 3000 (33) member of hip-hop duo OutKast
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez (would have turned 37) member of hip-hop group TLC, died in a car crash.

May 28
Kylie Minogue (4o) Australian pop singer
Ian Flemming (would have turned 100) British author of 14 James Bond spy novels.

May 29
Noel Gallagher (41) Lead guitarist, song-writer and driving force behind Oasis.
Annette Bening (50) American Beauty actress (married to Warren Beayty.)
John F. Kennedy (would have turned 91) 35th US President

P.S. Gemini’s rule. Happy Birthday to Me!

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