Kat got your tongue John?

MissMalini , 02 Jun 2009


So didjya hear? Mad gossip about Katrina Kaif and John Abraham exchanging SMSes and Kat FLIPPING out with a reporter who was investigating the story and digging up phone bills to the point that she got Salman Khan to call and threaten the press! (Such a bad move.) Read the full drama here.

Anyhow the funny thing is that yesterday I texted John to ask if he’d be interested in going to L.A. to watch a basketball final courtesy the NBA my friend is setting up (since they want a Bollywood sort of biggie and Imran Khan doesn’t seem too keen on the 24 hour whirlwind trip there and back anymore) and I got a very dejected “Have a fractured foot…” in reply. (Now before you start assuming Salman has something to do with that he didn’t. John had a little accident on the sets of Hook Ya Crook) but that still doesn’t explain his seriously blue vibe over SMS. Now this could all be my over active imagination but I’m dying to see Bipasha Basu’s reaction when she gets back from Goa. Heehee.

P.S. On another note I’m told Mallika Sherwat is going to be in L.A. for the bball herself. What a trooper. I bet she comes back with someone tall, dark and “on defense.”

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