Muchos Besos Mumbai

MissMalini , 12 Jun 2009


Anushka Jagtiani & Swati Shah




I’ve been meaning to tell you about this adorable little store at Kemps Corner, Mumbai  (it’s actually been around for a while I just recently discovered it!) Last week Swati Shah & Anushka Jagtiani had a little Shop & Rock party at their cute little mini boutique called Besos with yummy brownies and other munchies while all the ladies who strolled in went pretty gaga over the goods – pretty much everything from tops, shirts, belts, shorts, dresses to bags, belts, shoes and other accessories. Their clothes are sourced from China and Swati and Anushka are very particular about quality and finish so steer clear of the bulk buys from Bangkok. The best part? The update their stocks every fornight! I’m addicted. (I wonder if the bpb ladies have heard of this shoppers delight yet?)


I also loved their super slick promotional postcard designs (created by Swati’s bro Vivek Shah) and a tres funky website.

Go shop.

@ Besos, Ground floor, Advani Chambers
Nr Shalimar Hotel, Kemps Corner

P.S. They’re planning to open up another store in Bandra on Turner Road soon!


I thought I’d share some other random things that I love about my neighborhood in Mumbai… there’s a fab store called Nature’s Basket near my house that sells everything from fresh fruit and veggies to olives and cheese! Of course Mumbai’s famous fresh & juicy mangoes made the cut too…



And then while was I was heading home from Bandra in my fancy three-wheeled ride I spotted this adorable red Beetle (obviously modified) and blasting “Gimme Hope Joanna.” Love it!

Didjya Know?

In 1934 in the Hall of Berlin Adolf Hitler announced that cars shouldn’t be an exclusive privilege of the rich. To Ferdinand Porsche, who he called “the most famous designer of all time”, he entrusted the constructing the Volkswagen (sounds a bit like folks wagon aka the people’s car!) and apart from naming it he even  dictated all the specs it had to have (speed, consumption, price, etc.)

The name chosen for the future Beetle was KDF Wagen (Kraft Durch Freude Wagen), i.e. “car of the force by means of joy.” The world over beetle owners are sure of one thing: if they love it and treat it well, “the beetle” will never betray them!

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