Khan Calling.

Khan Calling.

Malini Agarwal
Ajaz Khan
Ajaz Khan

Um so remember this dude? So he called again. (I realize I may not have handled this with a great deal of tact but he caught me by surprise!)

<phone shows Ajaz Khan calling>

missmalini: oh no “Hello?”
Ajaz: “Hey Sweetheart, its Ajaz.”
missmalini: “Yup?”
Ajaz: “Hey baby you never call, how come?”
missmalini: truly mystified “Why would I call you?”
Ajaz: clearly offended “Why would you call me? Why would you call me?! Don’t you want to be my friend?”
missmalini: silence, in my defense I really didn’t know what to say, I probably wouldn’t mind being his “friend” but I doubt very much that’s what he has in mind!
Ajaz: “You’re busy or what?”
missmalini: “Actually yeah, I’m at work.”
Ajaz: somewhat surprised, although I don’t know why at 2pm in the afternoon, where else would I be? “You’re at work now?”
missmalini: “Yup!”
Ajaz: wounded-ego sarcasm “Well ok then, have a nice day. That’s a good line why would I call you.”

You think he’ll call back?