Mosquers: virtual red carpet.

MissMalini , 19 Jun 2009


Didjya hear about this? A short film released on Youtube just bagged the 2009 Mosquers Best Comedy Award. (The Mosquers were created two years ago to celebrate Muslim film-makers and give voice to contemporary Muslim life in Edmonton.)

Nelson Spooner Production presents “Samir’s 30 Days” – a Fahad Shaikh & Shawn Kanungo film.

Synopsis: Samir, a typical directionless brown guy, has lived through 27 years of bad luck with girls. However, his parents have had enough of his apathetic existence, and tell him that if he doesn’t find a girl in thirty days, they will get his marriage arranged. With the help of friends, Samir gets a crash course in girls and discovers why hes struggled his whole life.

So I have to say this isn’t the best comic timing I’ve come across (more like a mash up of, “Something About Mary” and Beauty & the Geek) but valiant effort none-the-less, and it looks like they had fun make it. (I’m also hoping this means poor Samir finally got laid!)

P.S. Thank you Marcot Patel Chung for the tip off!

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