Oh baby baby!

MissMalini , 22 Jun 2009
Ryan Agarwal

Remember I was telling you about my brother and sister-in-law expecting baby # 1? Well my bigger brother in SF Alyosh and his wife Yasmin just had baby # 2! This is Ryan. My brother says, “the nurses have been praising his very clear communication style (“directed and purposeful wailing”), which probably makes him suitable for management one-day.” Love it!

Other famous people born on June 18th include, former Beatles member Paul McCartney, Italian football manager who most recently coached Real Madrid Fabio Capello, American economist Sylvia Field Porter and Italian actor Isabella Rossellini.

Also here’s some cool stuff that happened on June 18th over the years:

18th June 2000: Tiger Woods wins the 100th US Open at Pebble Beach, California winning by an unheard of 15 strokes ahead of his competion ending with a 12 under for the course.

18th June 1948: Columbia Records publicly unveiled its new long-playing phonograph record, the 33 1/3, in New York City. Today, Columbia Records is the oldest record brand in the industry, dating back to 1888 when sound was recorded on black cylinders rather than albums, and begin mass production.

18th June 1998: The late 90’s produced a phenomenon called the dot com boom and just one of those companies snapped up was Infoseek by the Disney Corporation who revamped the site and renamed it GO.

P.S. Gemini’s rule.

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