Hangover, Makeover & Munchies!

MissMalini , 06 Jul 2009
Oba, Colaba

Hello, I’m back and yes I’ve been suffering major blog withdrawal! The good news is I have all sorts of random postings ready to go and I’m going to make a super serious effort to stop starting every blog with the word “so” as my friend Chetan Kapoor so rightly pointed out after several drinks at Oba on Friday night, thanks Che…

dancing on the bar!

So…um, *lol* here goes nothing. On Friday night Oba was awesome. Even though in Maharashtra it was technically a “dry day” there was absolutely no dirth of drinks here! So much so that this guy (who will remain nameless for the purpose of this post :) ended up belly-dancing on top of the bar.)


missmalini & Sheetal Vyas @ Estee Lauder
missmalini & Sheetal Vyas @ Estee Lauder

Remember I told you I was going to check out Estee Lauder at Galleria, Trident/Oberoi Mumbai? Well I did and although you can’t tell from this picture, me and my friend Sheetal Vyas both ended up looking pretty shiny. I’m not a huge fan of that look but I totally want one of their black khol pencil’s, it glides on super smooth (sadly it was out of stock but I’ll be back to get it.) In fact Estee Lauder sent me 5 make up essentials you should check out (coming soon on missmalini.)


On our way out we wandering around the Galleria and noticed that Jimmy Choo has finally shut shop and it looks like Bottega Veneta is on it’s way out too, pity. Gucci and TOD’s seemed pretty solid though and I’ve heard people murmuring about the economy being back on the up swing *fingers crossed* for fashion if nothing else!


FYI, that was me trying my hand at fashion photography and the fact that I unconsciously gravitate to all things pink :) eventually we ended up watching the Katrina Kaif and John Abraham starer “New York” at INOX. (What an awesome food court btw, next time you’re there try “State of Punjab” for a greasy chola batura to feed your hangover.



I have to say New York really isn’t as bad as you’d think. Katrina is mildly annoying for the entire first half but Neil Nitin Mukesh blew me away with his unexpected acting skills! I also thought it was pretty funny that all the white side kicks were carefully selected to in no way out-cute John which is why if you look carefully everyone from the mushroom cut blond to the CIA head honcho aren’t terribly easy on the eye if you know what I mean. Fair enough I suppose, although I just don’t get why they cast a little boy called Aidan Wagner (who was undeniably cute but looked more Italian than Indian as Katrina and John’s 5-year-old son.) Surely there would have been more than enough American Desi’s to choose from?