Makeup Essentials by Estee Lauder

MissMalini , 10 Jul 2009

Remember I went for my glitzy makeover at Estee Lauder last weekend? I thought it might be useful to get you the top 5 make up essentials so you don’t to what I did at MAC and spend 25,000rs ($525) on “I’ll take one of everything” mode!

DW-Zero-Smudge-Mascara 5.
Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara
Damages: Rs.1390 ($28)
Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner
Damages: Rs.1430 (#29)

Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick

Rs.1210 ($25)

Tender Lip Balm

Rs.920 ($19)

Signature Eyeshadow Quad

Rs.2180 ($45)


1. *Totally tried this and its AWESOME. Surprisingly they even have a shade that suits the Indian skin tone perfectly.
Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer
Rs.1230 ($25)

And if you’re a major shopaholic:

Day Wear Plus Creme Contains SPF15. With skin-type specific formulas to provide a high level of protection for all skin-types.

387265_clarifying_002_v4.psdCyber White Ex New… Wait, wait, wait. Cyber White? Come on out of the dark ages people, you know how I feel about this stuff!

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