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Deepika Padukone

As promised here’s Deepika Padukone (if you’re still wondering how to pronounce that she confirmed that the “e” is silent) and Vogue’s fashion editor Anahita Shroff Adajania at Landmark, Infinity Mall in Andheri (Mumbai) on Saturday with me asking all sorts of random questions at my politest best (I was hired help, what to do.) It was actually pretty entertaining to hear the store announcements in the run up to her arrival which promised that she was expected “any minute now” in a hilarious accent (and horrendous pronunciation) for about an hour. First on the scene were members of the little girl brigade (I’m guessing 6-10 years old) that showed up to see her, get their copies of Vogue autographed and then admiringly asked, “How are you so beautiful?” Deepika seemed genuinely fond of her mini fans when she jokingly replied, “Well for one, I ate all my vegetables growing up!” much to their mother’s delight. Brownie points in the bag.

missmalini and Deepika Padukone
Vogue July Issue press junket
Deepika Padukone (Actress) and Anahita Shroff Adajania (Fashion Editor Vogue)
Deepika Padukone and Anahita Shroff Adajania
press junket

From what I could tell she’s alright. She seems like a good girl with a wicked sense of humor but more than enough propriety to know that there is a time and a place for everything. She’s also pretty hot, which works well for all her male admirers. The only time both her and Anahita looked mildly uncomfortable was when I deviated from the pre-approved set of questions and asked, “Was Saif friendly?” There was a mili-second of silence while they both gave me the what do you mean “friendly” look which I managed to quickly explain was innocent curiosity about how well everyone got along on set since the girls were already close. Phew. My bad, but interesting. Didjya Know Anahita Shroff Adajani’s husband Homi Adajania directed Saif Ali Khan in Being Cyrus and Anahita styles both Deepika and Saif in Love Aaj Kal? Hmm… I suspect there maybe some gossip here! Oh and I managed to get my accomplice to capture some of it on video for you. Enjoy!

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