Poonam and Kirthi Shetty
Poonam Kinchi and Kirthi Shetty

Here’s the thing, one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met (and enjoy the pleasure of working with @ Radio One everyday) Kirthi Shetty is hoping to qualify for the Great Driving Challenge with his better half, (the very pretty Poonam Kinchi.) Basically a couples-only car rally around India. I think these two deserve a break from their 9-to-5-lives. And since Kirthi is also the happiest guy I know, it would be such a pity to see him bummed out about this. If it isn’t obvious enough I think these two are adorable and you will too once you get to know them. So won’t you vote for him and his girl, pretty please? 🙂

Page 3 Psst! Sapna Bhavnani and her beau Arijit Datta (who are at virtually every live music event in the city) have applied too. They’re also extremely cute and quirky! You can vote for them here. Thanks!