Redji for Frandship*

MissMalini , 17 Jul 2009

*of the will-you-make-frandship-with-me?” variety.

Friendster Aditya

Ah the PR machinery aka the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how dull my day is a mail like this never fails to brighten it up. And needless to say whatever would I do if I didn’t know that, “Aditya missed his 10th anniversary bash with friends.” Aditya Who? Read on baby.

The PR mailers I get now and again always features some obscure B grade struggling actor/actress and some totally insignificant story of their lives. In this case we’re talking about Aditya Redji aka “Raghav” on “Na Aana Iss Desh Laado” and the fact that he recently he couldn’t join his friends on their 10th friendship anniversary.” (Aditya unless you’re 12 that’s pretty gay.)

Aditya goes on to say, “I have done my graduation from Pune and so have most of my friends over there. Recently we completed 10 years of our friendship but I couldn’t be there with them because of my shoots. My friends were having a gala time in Pune and I was here shooting”, says Aditya.

PR Note: So you miss being with your friends? (Wow talk about astute observations)

Aditya: “Yes I do but I make it a point to be with them when I am not shooting.” (Fabulous. Who cares?)

Aditya Redji
Aditya Redji

The PR note doesn’t stop there though, oh no no no it says, “However busy he may be but Aditya follows a strict workout regime.” (Of course he does. Basically any opportunity to flex those pecs.)

Aditya: “‘I love to workout. It not only keeps me fit but also de-stresses me and regenerates the energy in me. Though the exercise routine has changed after Laado happened to me, I always take some time out and hit the gym everyday after my shoot gets over at 9”

PR Note: (which by now appears to be having a full-fledged grammatically challenged conversation with Aditya in my mailbox) After 12 hours shoot don’t you feel too lazy to workout?

Aditya: “I feel stressed if I don’t workout. It relaxes me after a hard days work.”

PR Note: Well!! Must say you have great management skills… Good going Aditya!

I say good going PR people. You made my day!

As for Aditya all he has to do now is join Sneha Wagh’s book club and he’s good to go…

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