Seriously who falls for this stuff?

MissMalini , 19 Jul 2009

fakeI get emails like this promising me money, congratulations on my lottery winnings and very often all my wishes to come true in exactly 9 minutes from when the phone rings (eerily, that makes me think of the oh-so-creepy movie The Ring and I don’t particularly want it to) provided I forward that email to 13 of my friends in 3 days, click my heels together three times and decide what I really want before I scroll the the bottom of the page. I really want to know who thinks this s*** up?!

The reason I brought this up here though is because their language skills often remind me a great deal of some of the PR emails I get so I’m wondering now if they might be in cahoots on the whole thing! (That or someone in some faraway land is suffering the side effects of list in translation a la alta vista!) Anyway, feel free to reply me back for more clarification. :)

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