Photo credit - Nitin Patel
Photo credit – Nitin Patel

Amazing news, Anuskha Manchanda has taken the plunge and joined a band or rather banded with some amazing like-minded musicians. This wicked ex-VIVA  songstress (aka the one who could sing) made quite an impression on me with her amazing unplugged sessions at Daddy’s Windsong Wednesday’s & the Channel [v] Launch Pad after party where she sang her cheeky self-composed ode to “this one guy” called “A**hole” LOVE IT.
Shkabang is a bunch of musicians including Abhijit Nalani, Shiraz Bhattacharya, Johan Pais, Pozy Dhar and Anushka Manchanda who have played on stage many times, but mostly separately in bands like Bombay Black, Pentagram, Tough On Tobacco, Hypnotribe (and done a fair amount of Bollywood.) They hang out, even played a gig together for kicks early this year and eventually decided to hook up and make some music together. “We like big sounds and the rush that comes with the banging bass and the sweat!” Their album should be out in a couple of months. Watch out for it!

Music Bonus: Their first official gig in Mumbai is scheduled to happen at Blue Frog on the August 13th, 2009. They are also uploading their new tracks one by one on I’m soooo psyched that the first track to go up is A**hole. Listen online.

(Write to them at and join the Facebook group here.)

P.S. Why Shkabang? When I asked Anushka she said, “Hey hey! You’re actually the first person I wanted to call and tell about A**hole on MySpace but I put it up so late in the night!! and woke up soo late in the day.. We wanted a name that bounced. we must’ve run through shit loads. Shkabang sounds like its having its own party..and we like!”