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MissMalini , 26 Jul 2009
Manasi Scott
Manasi Scott*

exlusiveHere’s a new feature on missmalini, a weekly artist/actor/celebrity spotlight exclusively for you! I picked Manasi Scott first because she’s charming, friendly, gorgeous and not afraid to push her own brand. Sometimes that’s just what it takes. I also remember her for radio interviews where she’s extremely particular about people getting her name right. Not Mansi but Manasi. She told me it means the ideal woman, “my parents got it from an Avum Indrajit play where Manasi was the central character playing 9 roles somewhat linked to the many facets of womanhood.” (Hey isn’t Priyanka Chopra doing something like that now? They should name her character Manasi too!) So here’s a peak into everything from a day in her life to her love story.


Name: Manasi Scott

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter/Actor

A day in my life:

“Begins with my biggest blessings – waking up next to the man I do and my son, and then can go into work-space madness from studio recordings to live show work or an off day with back to back movies and loads of gelato. Either way Ive become a workout junkie since Jan so can’t do without it to start or end the day!”


3 things you didn’t know about me:

“1. I am a complete softy – the outer facade has been cultivated as a defence mechanism really, to not be hurt. I cry at movies, get very hurt with criticism and am always for the underdog.

2. I am intrinsically shy – being on stage, singing or acting is my escape mechanism really, besides being a blessing as well. I get to be so many people I can’t imagine of being in my day to day life!

3. I can’t play any instrument and I’ve never trained in any form of singing or music making – being a straight A student, academics were always a priority for me, so between getting Software Engineering Degree, a Post Grad degree in film and Television production and a myriad of National Level sporting events, singing was only my hobby that I never dreamed would become a profession.”

Word to working moms:

“Wow there’s so much to share I could write a book! As you can see I’m not a woman of few words!!!

The working will keep you sane!!!! I know being a mom is a 24/7 job and most of us with careers end up feeling really guilty about the amount of help we take from nannies and family in raising our children but honestly its fine! Spending quality time instead of quantity time is better for you and your child and all your relationships.

Exercise! It’s a major outlet for post-partum depression, motherhood blues and all the ups and downs of raiging a child through sicknesses, school, tantrums and so much more. Yoga, running, waliking, gymming, there’s so much you can do to alleviate stress.”


My love story:

“Is quite a cliche really. I said I’d marry Craig the day I saw him and I ended up doing just that. So in essence we got to know each other AFTER we got married as our courtship lasted a mere 3 months which is how long it took us to get our wedding in place. I’ve grown with Craig, learnt who I am and he’s is my partner in crime in everything from us making this beautiful baby boy Zephan, to making our home to making our careers.”

My best friend(s):

“Are all women I’ve known since school, college and my first job. I love you all … Ekta, Raya, and the list goes on….”

My all-time favorite song lyrics:

“(2 songs actually)

Bruce Springsteen’s Secret Garden and Rob Thomas’ Ever The Same”


Bruce Springsteen

She’ll let you in her house

If you come knockin’ late at night

She’ll let you into the parts of herself

That’ll bring you down

She’ll let you in her heart

If you got a hammer and a vise

But into her secret garden, don’t think twice

You’ve gone a million miles

How far’d you get

To that place where you can’t remember

And you can’t forget

She’ll lead you down a path

There’ll be tenderness in the air

She’ll let you come just far enough

So you know she’s really there

She’ll look at you and smile

And her eyes will say

She’s got a secret garden

Where everything you want

Where everything you need

Will always stay

A million miles away


Rob Thomas

We were drawn from the weeds

We were brave like soldiers

Falling down under the pale moonlight

You were holding to me

Like a someone broken

And I couldn’t tell you but I’m telling you now

We would stand in the wind

We were free like water

Flowing down

Under the warmth of the sun

Now it’s cold and we’re scared

And we’ve both been shaken

Hey, look at us

Man, this doesn’t need to be the end

Just let me hold you while you’re falling apart

Just let me hold you and we’ll both fall down

Fall on me tell me everything you want me to be

Forever with you

Forever in me

Ever the same

Call on me

I’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for me

Forever it’s you

Forever in me

Ever the same

You may need me there

To carry all your weight

But you’re no burden I assure

You tide me over

With a warmth I’ll not forget

But I can only give you love

Family Photos:

“My super-trooper son in Leh, Ladakh he came up with us to 14000+ feet without batting an eyelid at Khardungla Pass and took to the little snow around with the curiosity of a seasoned traveler discovering new things!”


“The one with Craig and the other with Zephan (just a couple of days after his 1st birthday) were at the Jim Corbett National Park where this elephant ride got us to see a tigress in the wild just a few meters from us and Zephan and I discovered the pleasure of enjoying the cool breeze on a river bed besides the water he constantly wanted to keep jumping into!”



“Jatin Kampani, doesn’t shoot just me beautifully but my entire family! He is so good with capturing moments on his camera that all you have to do is be yourself and its uncanny then to see your soul bared on film.”

Zephan, Craig and Manasi

“The last one is South Africa last year, while shooting a live show of mine for Kal Kisne Dekha my most exciting moment ever… to pet a living, tiger cub!”


What I’m up to now:

“Working on mixing and mastering my new album which Ive composed and written myself for the first time. Awaiting the release of my song in Acid Factory again composed, sung and written by me, its called Khatti Meethi. Making my silver screen debut for which I’m shooting in London the whole of August. Playback singing for a whole bunch of films with music directors I’ve wanted to work with for quite a while.”

Manasi Scott and Saif Ali Khan
Manasi Scott and Saif Ali Khan

More on her website manasiscott.com, Blog and Facebook. Since she dabbles in a lot of stuff her L’oreal Glamorous episodes, Sony Pix hosting etc. are all on YouTube. (See what I mean about good self promotion?) As she mentioned her movie ventures hit the big screen next month, including Sanjay Gupta’s Acid Factory for which she’s composed, written & sung “Kabu mein rakhna dil” – with an exclusive video shot by Sanjay Gupta with her performing the song on screen as well. Playback singing of the title track for UTV Spotboy’s Peter Gaya Kaam Se for Sajid-Wajid, Haiyya Haiyya for Saurabh Shukla’s Pappu Can’t Dance, the title track for the Arjun Rampal – Sunny Deol starrer The Fox, Loot, Tom Dick and Harry Rocks Again, but most importantly again for Rohit Roy’s Love Story for which she’s composed, written and sung Tere Pyaar Mein.

*Studio pictures designed by Gavin Miguel, styled by Ekkta Rajani executive Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar, make up by Tanuja Dabir and stills by Jatin Kampani.

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