Romancing the clone. PR strikes back.

Romancing the clone. PR strikes back.

Malini Agarwal
Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav Khanna

It’s PR note time people! (My daily delight, which I think you now share.) If this is your first experience however it goes like this; the public relations machinery in Mumbai kicks in for celebrities big and small and usually in the case of small-time TV “stars” (which fall into the wannabe famous category) the breaking stories are delightfully inane. Everything from the sacrifice of their BFFs to “hobbies” and romantic rumors. You know it’s going to be a really good one if there are glaring errors in spelling and grammar and the subject of the email is  something like. “Press Release: I am romancing my work – Gaurav Khanna. (Dhruvster this ones for you.)

Voila, the PR delight that popped into my mailbox at 6:19pm this evening reads;
“Gaurav Khanna is not a new face in industry. This macho man from Kanpur has been in industry for 3 years now and has done a number of ad films and serials before playing Prithvi in Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. Initially he was skeptical, unsure and also nervous about doing this serial because he had to do horse riding in it. But now he finds it very adventurous!”

Lol. Oh lordy lordy, where do I begin?

1. Gaurav Khanna is possibly not a new face because almost everyone on TV looks like him, or someone like him. You know the type; nose slightly askew, eyes too close together, those little pre-plastic surgery days that stop you just shy of a brilliant Bollywood career.

2. Macho man eh? Denim outfit – check, pumped up pecs for photo shoot – check, leather strap on right wrist – check! Yes this is officially a macho man. Love the grammatical omission by the way, “in industry” sounds much more accurate, one of the many Barbie/Ken clones off the soap star conveyor belt!

3. Skeptical, unsure and also nervous. Wow that’s a lot of emotional range for one struggling star, you may be on to something there.

Oh, there’s more :)

Gaurav: “I am a very adventurous person. I have done all sorts of adventure in life. (got it, adventurous adventurer check.) With Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, I got a chance to learn horse riding which I had never done before.” (Oh come on, everyone’s ridden a horse at some point in their life right? How did an adventurous adventurer like yourself miss out on your regulation my-little-pony adventure?!)

And then the PR, doing what it does bests, floats a casual but leading question in my mailbox: “So was it the script or his love for adventure that prompted him to do the show?”

Can’t wait to find out. Can you?

Gaurav: “Initially it was the script because I have never played a tough character before, but when I knew I had to do horse riding I was a bit skeptical about it. But now it’s become my hobby. (Bingo, hobby – check!) This has been the best adventure so far.”

An adventure for an adventurous adventurer. (I couldn’t make this s*** up if I tried!)

PR returns with yet another insightful question, “Gaurav has been seen romancing in many shows. So what’s his idea of romance?”

Gaurav: “Many people don’t believe me but I have never fallen in love. (Yup, real shocker.) So I am clueless about it. It may happen eventually but presently I am romancing my work.” (Boom. Subject line justified!)

The PR notes parting words of wisdom, no doubt for the teeming fans of Gaurav the macho adventurous adventurer (I smell a book deal there by the way) “Watch out girls!!! If you are adventurous you certainly hold the key to this guy’s heart!!!”

Ta daah! Roflmao.

Every night before I sleep,
I pray for a press note (so funny) it makes me weep.