I <3 iJustine aka the girl who may just have changed my life!

I <3 iJustine aka the girl who may just have changed my life!

Malini Agarwal

This is amazing on so many levels and I suppose also a little sad (of me) to really relate to this song but (at first glance) the blonde girl in the video, not so much. But then I got to watching videos on her blog and I think she’s awesome (and super funny) I also heart that @ijustine‘s  twitter bio says “ I am the internet.” That’s the dream baby! Thanks William Darci for sharing this on Facebook! However I pinky-swear I don’t take hours getting dressed up, I just take 200 pictures a night and hope I’ll get at least ONE profile pic worthy one. I do also firmly believe that Facebook increased its photos-per-album limit specifically for me. I have over 15,000 pictures and 85 profile pic options. Not kidding. Hey Justine waddya think of this one? :)

Seriously though, the best part of this video was finding Justine Ezarik viral video comedienne, freelance graphic/web designer and video editor. She is best known as iJustine, a lifecaster who communicates directly with her viewers on Justin.tv. She has made more than 200 videos, including satires on such subjects as Lost (my fav) her videos have received more than 25 million views, 16 million on YouTube alone. Her popularity is such that a video about her wanting to order a cheeseburger got 600,000 YouTube views in a week. She is sometimes described as a “lifecasting star,” a “new media star,” or one of the web’s most popular lifecasters. I think I may have found my calling. Excuse me while I go jump up and down on my bed for a moment!

FYIP* Ezarik is known for her “300-page iPhone bill”, which followed the first month of service after the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. The viral video earned her international attention and celebrity. The bad publicity that AT&T earned as a result of her video featuring her reviewing this bill and similar stories coincided with the announcement that detailed billing would become optional for iPhone users. As of June 1, 2009, she had over a half a million Twitter followers, and nearly 100,000 subscribers to the iJustine YouTube channel. Badabing.

*My boyfriend coined this phrase. It stands for “For Your Information Please.” Never hurts to be polite. :)