Rakhi Sawant’s phi-on-si *drumroll please*

Rakhi Sawant’s phi-on-si *drumroll please*


…Elesh! Gejoos be praised!

Rakhi Sawant and Elesh
Rakhi Sawant and Elesh Parujanwala

India’s first televised ‘swayamvar’ concluded here late Sunday with item girl Rakhi Sawant choosing Toronto-based Elesh Parujanwala as her life partner. Rakhi made the final choice from the three finalists — from the original list of 16 contestants in 26 episodes. The other two finalists were young aspirant Manas Katyal and businessman Chhitiz Jain. Apart from the dramatic sound effects, strategic ad breaks and continuous references to Lord “Gejoos” Rakhi stopped short of tying the knot revealing that Elesh needed time (presumably to see Rakhi sans make up.) I can only imagine that Season 2 will be the wedding and honeymoon in Disneyland (no really) and a lucrative contract a la the “Newlyweds” a show prime for India’s reality TV fixated junta. (I confess I am one of them, I’d watch that s***, wouldn’t you?)Just some of my favorite tweets during the proceedings.

vivzy rakhi sawant has a reality show??

@PritishNandy So I was wrong. Rakhi Sawant did her Swayamvar, picked her man, the nation watched.Thank God,no Season 2.

@missmalini: The only way NDTV Imagine can top this is if they get rights to Rakhi & Elesh like Jessica & Nick on Newlyweds.

jyotibhargava Luckily I haven’t been witness to Rakhi Sawant‘s garish dilemma in the weeks gone by. Did catch the relief on faces of 2 guys skipped by her

irohan Me thinks.. rakhi sawant should go to saach ka saamna! lol :-) what say guys n gals?

knkartha Rakhi Sawant looks like a jewellery ka dukaan!

sakshijuneja Rakhi Sawant‘s show endorseing condoms. So apt no? Perfect placement. #rakhisawant

arun_thomas Rakhi Sawant hitched! The whole country can breathe easy now.

thesaurabh I guess Rakhi Sawant is a top class Marketer! She knws what people want and she is selling just that same thing! People’s fault not Rakhi‘s!

harry_jerry Elesh would get to see how Rakhi Sawant looks minus kilos of cosmetics. I hope he does and I hope he’s insured.

twilightfairy just saw “baa” on rakhi sawant‘s show.. now my fraaandsheeep day is truly made.

ideasmithy If Ayn Rand were Indian, question wud be “Who is Rakhi Sawant?” & the book, ‘Elesh Shrugged’. Does the man know wot hes getting into? #rakhi

And that’s how…

faizanq Rakhi Sawant ( @rakhisawant ) made it to the trending topics :D

It happens only in India. Mallika Sherawat eat your heart out. :)