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MissMalini , 04 Aug 2009
Neha Marda (Gehna)
Neha Marda (Gehna in Balika Vadhu)

And as I’ve mentioned many times before it really is quite a stress release for me on a daily basis! So here we go… Neha Marda (you know her as Gehna in Sphere Origin’s show Balika Vadhu, the mostly-sad one) starring in the “I don’t believe in flings” PR mailer of the day. “Neha doesn’t have time for love but shares her outlook on love.” How lucky for us all :)
Favorite romantic novel: Love story by Eric Sehgal
Favorite romantic movie: Jab we met…
Favorite romantic serial: Kahin to hoga…
Favorite love song: “Saanson ko sanson me dhalne do zara” from the movie Hum Tum.
Valentine’s Day gift: I would want my loved one to gift me a photo frame capturing all the memorable moments we spent together…
Flowers or Chocolates: I would prefer flowers over chocolates.
Most romantic line: While introducing me to his friends, he should say “She is my lady.”
Idea of romance: I am very romantic at heart, but that doesn’t mean I fall for any Tom, Dick and Hari. If I love someone I would like it to convert into marriage. I can’t stay with anyone just for fun. I don’t believe in flings.
Love marriage or arrange marriage: If I fall in love with the right person I would go for love marriage…and if love doesn’t fall in place will go for arrange marriage. Both have their own charm.
Love tip: Be expressive. Always make efforts to let the other person know what they mean to you.

My favorite part? Hari as opposed to Harry, nice to see she’s localizing her comment!

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