Video Blogging (Why I Hope the Future goes down the Tube!)

MissMalini , 08 Aug 2009


I think I’ve started stalking ijustine. I check everyday to see if she’s posted something new. (Gosh I hope someday I get some of that action on this blog!) I love her video blogs, they’re funny, entertaining and insightful (in an all-American-girl kinda way.) I was telling my soon-to-be-new-boss about her blog and he commented, “probably helps that she looks like that right?” Point :)

Anyway, I just checked and she’s in Vegas chatting with Ashton Kutcher; and here’s the thing, I don’t really even care that much about Vegas or for that matter Ashton Kutcher but I still loved watching it. (I mean I think he’s cool and everything, especially because he’s super net-friendly and all the rage on Twitter but give me Matt Damon any day.) The point is I found this video blog about a place I’m not crazy about, featuring a guy I think is just alright, by an all-American-girl who I have never met so engaging mostly because it felt like I was part of the party. It was personal and bite-sized and that’s exactly why I love being on the radio. See?

a) His cheeky response to are you following me on Twitter, “slow it down, its all going to fast!” Love it.
b) The kinda flirty, friendly vibe made me almost uncomfortable for Demi (!) but see that’s the thing, the raw uncut face time makes you feel like you’re getting to see what nobody else does, even though it’s on YouTube! Brilliant.

P.S. Also, I just realized what a total “retard” (you have to pronounce it they way he does in The Hangover for full effect) I am because I never noticed Ashton’s Twitter ID @aplusk is very simply pronounced “a plus k” and have been reading it in my mind as “aplusky/aplushky/aplushk” for some reason.

*Sheesh* just when I was starting to feel good about myself. There’ my reality check, prompt as ever!

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