What the f*** is Juice?*

MissMalini , 08 Aug 2009

chappelle_quote_i_want_some_grape_drink_tshirt-p2354317548713981114xmd_400So I’m either beginning to lose it or I should stop checking email without my contact lenses on; for a moment I thought I had received a mailer from one Mary Tellis announcing a new Japanese Juice Extractor. (All sorts of horrible fruit torture came to mind.) But ok, honest mistake, turns out it’s Jaipan Industries Ltd. And they are launching a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly juice extractor fondly known as the “Juice Factory” (still creepy right?!) But if you happen to have a little fruit fetish, its available online at jaipanonline.com. (Thanks Mary, FYIP next time just the one email will suffice :))

citrus-juicerThis did however remind of a brilliant BPL mobile network campaign in response to the arrival of Hutch then known as “Orange” which I saw when I first moved to Mumbai (and I think was why I went with the service!) Maybe you remember it to, a cheeky billboard which simply said “welcome orange” with half an orange impaled on a manual juice extractor. Sheer genius.

P.S. For more amazing insights on Indian advertising you just have to check our Amitabh Nanda’s blog whattothink.orgkeeping indian media honest – since way before 2008

*wtf is; What the f*** is juice?
Juhi Pande does this best and got me hooked. It’s from Dave Chappelle’s stand up routine on the DVD “For What it’s Worth.”


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