Shahid Kapoor and RJ Prachi
Shahid Kapoor and RJ Prachi

Dang. I step out of the studio for two minutes and this is what I miss! “Shahid Kapur Creates Waves at RADIO ONE” (I’m getting this from the PR agency no less! “Mumbai, August 11, 2009:  Shahid Kapur, the star of the much awaited Bollywood movie Kaminey, joined RJ (we call radio DJs “RJs” in India, dunno why, maybe to avoid confusion with *squigy squigy squigy* club DJs) Prachi at the studios of Radio One 94.3 FM, Maximum Music Fataafat.

The star spoke about his experience shooting for the film, his expectations of the movie, his friendship with the costar Priyanka Chopra (I hear he refused to answer some questions) as well as other movies that he’s working on. Shahid also met with fans at the station, delighting one and all with his easy going banter and happy outlook. (Lol happy outlook? Who writes this stuff? Seriously. When’s the last time you met someone with a “happy outlook?” they musta been high.. ohh remind me to tell you a GREAT bunny joke later.)

There’s more, (there always is) “Said Shahid, “I think Radio is a great way to connect with audiences. In our films songs are such an integral part of the movie experience, that getting familiar with the music of a movie, does enhance the overall viewing experience, and radio plays a big part in enabling that. I enjoyed this morning of interviews with them and conversation with listeners and fans.”

I also took the time to consult with the “experts” who have confirmed that this picture shows definite symptoms of a condition commonly known as “I’m-a-superstar-get-the-f***-out-of-my-face.* Allow me to demonstrate…

celebrity signs
celebrity signs

In fact Rishi Kishnani, the new programming director at Radio One who also blogs witty film reviews had this to say…

And now for my world famous bunny joke *drum roll please*

Once upon a time there was a little bunny running through the forest when he came across a giraffe rolling a joint. The little bunny said, “Mr. Giraffe, why are you smoking marijuana? Drugs are bad, don’t waste your life, come run through the forest with me!” The giraffe dropped his spliff and ran after the bunny.

After a bit they come across  an elephant about to do a line of coke. The little bunny said, “Mr. Elephant, why are you doing cocaine? Drugs are bad, don’t waste your life, come run through the forest with us!” The elephant agreed and ran after the giraffe and the bunny.

Soon they come across a lion about to shoot up heroin. The bunny said, “Mr. Lion, why are you doing heroin? Drugs are bad, don’t waste your life, come run through the forest with us! The lion took one look at the bunny and whacked him across the face. The giraffe and elephant were shocked and demanded, “why did you do that? He’s was only trying to help you!” So the lion said, “every time that damn bunny gets high on ecstasy he makes me run all around this f***ing forest!”

roflmao 🙂