Brown Paper Bag: You've Got Mail.

MissMalini , 14 Aug 2009
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What: How You Wish You Were Hanging in Mumbai postcards, to order email Gynelle Alves on [email protected], price on request.

Why: Because Gynelle’s sketches are quirky and intricate and you get to be in them! Send in pictures of yourself and your favourite Mumbai hangout, and she’ll put your love for the city on customized postcards.

When: You want your friends to wish they were here.

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So this just totally reminded me of one of my all-time favorite websites called have you heard of it? (If not, check it out at your own risk, you’ll be totally addicted in no time!) Basically people send in postcards from all over the world with a variety of secrets (some funny some heart-wrenchingly serious.) They even have a bunch of books out now. Here’s a few I randomly liked today.

...and this one's just plain true, right all my desi ladies?!
And this one's just plain true! Donchya think, all my desi ladies?! photo courtesy:
I think I like this one cos my boyfriend did exactly that :)
Wanna hear a secret? I think I like this one cos my boyfriend did exactly that :) photo courtesy:

Now if you liked that you simply have to go out and by a copy of Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence. The strange and intriguing correspondence of Griffin and Sabine is revealed through letters that must be pulled from their own envelopes, giving the reader the delightful forbidden sensation of reading someone else’s mail. It is a story that is partly a romance, partly a mystery, and completely a work of art. It’s brilliant, and how.

Griffin and Sabine
Griffin and Sabine

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