MissMalini's back in the House!

MissMalini , 27 Aug 2009

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Yes I’m back! And I must confess I struggled a little bit with not being able to blog and Tweet and check my mail and Facebook (gosh I’m quite the tech junkie aren’t I?!) Admittedly it wasn’t that hard a habit to break given the daily foot massages, spa visits, delicious meals and general chilling on the beachfront with the boyfriend :) but I promise next time I’ll take you with me (virtually of course.)

It’s now 3:00am and I have to juice up the LPC but watch out this weekend for some mega blogging for everything Bollywood, Mumbai’s latest social events, MissMalini exclusives on Rakhi Sawant (courtesy Teejay Sidhu) and a Nikhil D’Souza music video, plus TONS of footage from my Koh Samui adventure! God my life just got SO fun. Who knew blogging could be such a natural buzz? Oh wait …you did. :)

Psst! Would you believe that the boys at Blackberry might just be giving me a  Curve to solve my on-the-fly blogging woes? Now that’s what I call full service and just what would make a Nokia-girl like me take the qwerty-keypad plunge. (Besides I just lost one of the keys off my purple phone and it might be time for it to swim with the fishies.)

Right, goodnight and boy its good to be back!

P.S. MissMalini contest coming soon, win some goodies I picked up especially for you from Koh Samui, so do your homework! Just read my blog :)

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