Priyanka Chopra celebrates 125th anniversary!

MissMalini , 04 Sep 2009

Obviously not hers (but I made you wonder didn’t I?!) On the occasion of their 125th anniversary, Bulgari (FYI the name is usually written “BVLGARI” in ancient Roman style, and is derived from the surname of the company’s Greek founder, Sotirios Voulgaris) is hosting celebrations with Priyanka Chopra pledging her support to Bulgari and Save the Children’s ‘Rewrite the Future’ campaign. All of this is going down at the JW Marriot (Mumbai) on Monday afternoon. Psst! Piggy Chops is hoping to bag a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for her 12 roles in “What’s Your Rashee” (apparently more than any other actor has ever played in a film, beating out Sanjeev Kumar’s 8 roles in *Angoor. I think I just like the fact that they named the movie “Angoor.” Toooo good, yaar.)

*As my wise and faithful commenters pointed out, he only had a double role in Angoor but still what a great title eh?

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(by invitation only)

For some reason Monday is big on the fashion circuit. FUEL is also holding a select preview of new designs by Fashion designer Gayatri Khanna and accessories designer Camelia Dalal on Monday September 7th between 4pm and 6pm at FUEL – The Fashion store, Chowpatti.

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