"Friends" with benefits?

MissMalini , 20 Sep 2009

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So here’s the thing, You know how I sometimes can’t help myself and take a dig at these random TV celebrity wannabes, well its not my fault if they come looking for me right? Poor Sharhaan Singh here has no idea how much trouble “making friendship” with me is going to get him into. :) For now I have just one question, does a direct message to me saying “..to knw abt my wokr and to get in tocuh with peopl do watch me in my shows on colorsn on zee b in tocuh and keep me posetd thaxn n take care…” qualify as provocation in the Page 3 department? This Amitabh Bachchan song (from the old Dostana) is suddenly playing in my head now,“…mere doston tum karo faisla, khata kiski hai kisko deh hum sazaa?*”

Lost in Translation: *My friends, you decide. Who’s fault is it, who should we punish?

sneak peakP.S. Ah. Yet another Sidney Sheldon fan. Romio Julia? What’s that? He didn’t mean Romeo & Juliet did he? Oh dear. Lol.


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