Celebrity Spotting: Theatre Nuisance

MissMalini , 20 Sep 2009
Annoying Mr. Irla

Since Mumbai is the city of dreams (and occasional nightmare) when it comes to celebrity spotting I hope you know you can keep me posted (anonymously if you like) if you happen to run into someone famous. I got this a few days ago from my mystery girl. :)

September 16th

“I headed out with my husband to a popular plush multiplex in South Mumbai for the 11:30 show of “I Can’t Think Straight” last night hoping for a quiet movie time just me and him – Well! things didn’t quite turn out that way! One of our leading Indian industrialists (name rhymes with IRLA) and is mostly known for his clothes, style and looks than anything else was there too with a friend and kept chatting away all along the movie and didn’t stop their ranting even for a min. Mr. Irla we know you are rich, we know you can afford to have a movie theater within your home then why spoil the movie experience for the rest of the world when there are just 10 people in the theater – is expecting you to watch a movie with your lips sealed a tad too much? I was in half a mind to tell Mr. Irla that he needs to quieten but I sulked in silence and finally am sharing my woes here.”

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