Celebrity Spotting: Matt Damon at Sassafraz

Celebrity Spotting: Matt Damon at Sassafraz

Malini Agarwal
Crowds gather in Toronto to see a glimpse of Matt Damon!
Crowds gather in Toronto to catch a glimpse of Matt Damon!
Amarinder Chahal‘s celebrity spotting in Toronto

“So I thought I would send you the pictures that I have from my Matt Damon encounter just in case they can be any use to you!

Originally the plan for the night was to attend the gala presentation for George Clooney’s new movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, but due to my cousin making us extremely fashionably late, we had to scrap that plan and decided to go to dinner in Yorkville instead.

On an aside: Yorkville is ‘the ultimate fusion of historic charm and modern seduction. It is Toronto’s most celebrated neighborhood of style and culture offering a unique blend of designer boutiques, fashionable restaurants, plush hotels and world class galleries… 700 in all!’ Pretty much that means all of Toronto’s rich and restless like to hang out in this area, and show off all their bling and super sexy cars! (I have to admit, I do pull out my nicest apparel and accessories when I decide to hang out in this area!)

So back to the story! We ended up eating at a little restaurant called Cafe Nervosa, which by the way had amazing food, unfortunately I wasn’t too fond of the wine! Anyways, when we finished dinner, we headed out to take a stroll down the neighbourhood and that’s when the celebrity spotting began!

Grace Park
Grace Park

Right when we left the restaurant, we saw a woman (with a bit of an entourage) walking down Yorkville Ave. She was dressed in metallic leggings with a barely there blazer showing off her extremely fit body. When I saw her, I was like “that is the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen!” Luckily she didn’t hear me, cause she would probably have cursed me with her celebrity power! Don’t know if you watch this show (I don’t..), but the she ended up being an actress from the show Battlestar Galactica (Grace Park), and my cousin recognized her. When we realized who she was I had my cousin go after her, but she had entered a restaurant by then. But just for your pleasure I attached a picture of her and her ridiculous outfit that I found on Wire Image.

Crowds in Toronto

Now for the good stuff!! We started walking towards our car down Cumberland Street, and saw a huge crowd gathered around the back of a well known restaurant called Sassafraz. (I’ve attached two images showing the large crowds.) Just like any other onlooker, we got curious and decided to ask what was going on, and people were telling us that Matt Damon was in the restaurant! We decided to stick around for 10 minutes to see if we could get a glance before we decided to call it a night. While we waited we ran into some pretty funny characters! There was a group of 15-17 year old boys who were making a plan to act like the Jonas Brothersto sneak into Sassafraz, as well as a group of guys who were pretending to be Coolio’s posse!! I have to admit, one of them did resemble Coolio quite a bit! Unfortunately I did not snap any pictures of them, because at this time, we were being hounded by a pair of older Italian men!! Now that I think about it, we should have played along a bit longer, for all I know they could have been producers!!

Matt Damon
waiter look-a-like

After waiting for around 10 minutes, we decided this was getting pretty lame and decided to leave. We walked towards the front of Sassafraz, and all of a sudden we see hundreds of flashes going off. We figured Matt Damon was now leaving the restaurant and went closer to have a look (…ok, we may have ran a bit!) We did get a good look of him (and boy did he look good!!), but he was accompanied by his wife, and his parents followed behind them! (P.S. how cute is that, he brought his parents with him!!!) By the time I snapped a picture he was already in his car, but I did find a clear image of him exiting the restaurant from msn.ca. I show everyone that picture and tell them I took it! Haha! We also took a picture of a waiter from the restaurant hoping we could pass him off as Matt Damon, but it turns out his hair is too light!

After our unexpected encounter with two celebs (which is quite rare in Toronto), but headed back home, and rubbed it in everyone’s face! Of course I embellish the story more and more every time tell it, but this is the real deal for you!

Almost Famous

P.S. The man with the mustache was some random guy on the street saying ‘Why does everyone want a picture of Matt Damon, I’m just as good, take a picture of me!’ So to make his day, we did!”