(Still Not) Playing Fair.

MissMalini , 29 Sep 2009
On findfairness.com there is a "fairness game" to keep your avataar skins light. Sheesh!
On findfairness.com there is a disturbing "fairness game" to keep your avataar's skin white!

If this isn’t sign enough that things are getting out of hand here’s the sort of thing that really pisses me off. And oh look, they’ve done it again. I got this a few days ago and its been sitting in my mail box still pissing me off. “I’m writing with the objective to share information pertaining to the kick-off of 10th Fair One Miss Mumbai beauty pageant. The Miss Mumbai Fashion and Beauty pageant has been a much awaited event amongst the young and beautiful in Mumbai, for over nine years. Fair One from the house of Elder, has signed an agreement to host the pageant for the next three years beginning 2009. Fair One Miss Mumbai 2009 entries for which open today…” Wait a minute, wait a minute! “Fair One?” Is this what I think it is? They’re going to troop all over the countryside in search of  Miss Mumbai, Miss Pune, Miss Kolkata and Miss Delhi pretending that winning has anything to do with brains and basically reward pretty girls for being light-skinned? Well glad they thought that through and it’s not going to effect the self esteem of  young women who are even ever-so-slightly brown.

“But MissMalini!” you many argue, “they never said you have to be fair to win. Entries are open to all aspiring young females between 16 and 22 years!
Fair enough. And if a “dusky” damsel actually does win I’ll give you my LPC, gladly.

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