Its almost a little eerie the way things have been working out for me lately! (I might need to resort to my mom’s old evil-eye preventive and burn some red chillies that have been revolved around me while I sleep.) I recently discovered the customizable Flip camcorder which I literally flipped over and wanted so badly I even put in an early request to Santa Clause on my Twitter page. Before you could say cheese, I got a lovely email from Boris of the One Drop Foundation innitiative I’ve been telling you about that my Flip camcorder was in the mail since it would help me shoot more videos for the event! Wild eh? (So the one I got isn’t pink or MissMalini branded but that’s totally besides the point innit? Should I have asked for a car instead? No, greed is a terrible thing, and usually pretty unrealistic. But… since there’s no harm trying really, here’s that wish list one more time as the words of the wise old Clint Eastwood ring in my head

‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?”

And Boris, this one’s for you; “I love the night sky. It reminds me that I’m a lucky coincidence of water molecules floating through space on a rock.” 🙂