Imran Khan and MissMalini have a Paani Puri date!

MissMalini , 09 Oct 2009
Imran Khan in a Paani Puri T-shirt

audio_iconLol, you knew I was going to do that right? What can I say (apart from sorry Avantika!) I couldn’t resist. The fact is I am simply over the moon that Imran Khan is back (by popular demand of course, and a not-so-secret love for pirate radio) as my co-host on 94.3 Radio One, Mumbai this Saturday night (October  10th) at 9pm playing you yet another amazing selection of his favorite tunes. Psst! This time he’s gone for a more happy/chill/dreamy sound, sounds good doesn’t it?! Yes, I will post ALL the audio and his track list for everyone not in listening range and now that I have a new Flip Mino HD (funny story; coming soon) LOADS of video too!


This Saturday is in fact the first of my new Saturday Night LIVE shows. Where every Saturday I will get friends, celebrities and just major International music lovers to come co-host my show with me. (If any of those applies to you send me a tweet @MissMalini and hash tag it #MissMaliniRadio and I’ll invite you and your Mp3 collection to my studio!) This Saturday we’re a motley crew of mega-star Imran Khan, a few of my ex-pat friends, who have killer iPod music to share and IK’s buddy Rish Oberoi (aka @Paani_Puri to Twitterers) who has launched the wildest T-shirt outfit ever and has so kindly customized some to give away on my show this Saturday, and Imran Khan has agreed to sign them! Don’t you love it?! (…and maybe me a little for making it happen lol?)

If you’re one of those people who drooled over Ranbir Kapoor’s t-shirts in “Wake Up Sid” more than the screaming girls in the back did over Ranbir (yes ladies, you know who you are and you were so annoying) I think you’re going to soon be addicted to Paani Puri Clothing! FYI I must admit I spent part of the movie imagining Imran Khan in the lead, did you? :) Which reminds me of his super funky GNR Tee back at Daddy’s Windsong one night back in May.

How would you like to win one of these tees?
How would you like to win one of these tees?

So here’s the dish on those yummy tees;

pp“Paani Puri!? Clothing? A Clothing Company!? Really?!? That’s crazy! Silly and even goofy! YUP! that is the same reaction we’ve received every single day since 5:30am on April 20,2009. 5:30am!?! WHAT?? Yes, at 5:30am Rish Oberoi was watching Batman-The Dark Knight, but could only think to himself, ‘how amazing would Paani Puri be right now?’ While sitting there in a daze, hoping to somehow find Paani Puri around his house, he began to think how funny, no, how CRAZY!! it would be if  “The Joker” was eating Paani Puri!!! This thought stuck in his mind, and that very same day he went through his phone book to call anyone who could create this image. And EUREKA! He found her! Wait Wait, before we go on, her name is actually EUREKA! (this is the most serious part of the story and not a joke…) That’s how Paani Puri started; simply a joke made into a reality.”


Paani Puri Clothing (PPC) hopes to grow into a unique, global urban clothing brand and aspires to have the following of true, passionate lovers of all forms of art and innovation. PPC is not like any other clothing brand in India’s market today and plans to introduce a new  urban style which has been inspired by the vast world of pop art and culture.

PPC caters to a wide range of individuals by introducing many different styles of art, using a range of known personalities, movies, music albums and cartoon characters. Each design has a relationship to a commonly loved food, Paani Puri. The concept of Paani Puri is to introduce a new form of thought and love for a food product which has never been explored to this depth.

Paani Puri’s vision is to release art through T-shirts, shoes, bags, hats, jeans, shorts and other “platforms” our artists can use as their personal “canvas” We want to open up the door for our consumers to re-live what they loved as children with a small twist.”

What a great story, and seriously you can’t make this sh*t up! Wow Rish, you’ve really got a major thing for Paani Puri eh?!  Dang, now I’m having a craving too! Vodka-Pani Puri anyone?

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