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MissMalini , 13 Oct 2009

I was really looking forward to Bigg Boss Season 3 (especially since I don’t work weeknights now, and I’m super curious to see what the Big B. makes of everything) but so far I am so not impressed. Maybe because I haven’t the foggiest idea who most of these jokers are. If you’re having the same problem, here ya go! Bigg Boss who-the-heck-are-they? coming right up!

aditiAditi Govitrikar is a model (a career she started after winning the Gladrags contest in 1996), actress and apparently a trained gynaecologist! She is also known by her married name, Dr. Sarah Muffazal Lakdawala. She looks a bit like Payal Rohatgi doesn’t she?

bhBakhtiyar Irani is an actor and reality show participant junkie. He and his wife Tanaaz (also on Bigg Boss) won “Nach Baliye.” (His first big altercation on the show happened (rather ironically) over spilt milk!

taTanaaz Currim Irani (married to Bakhtiyar) began her film career in 2000, with “Hadh Kar Di Aapne.” Today she’s being yelled at by her husband for provoking Kamal unnecessarily. (I also I find her puppy dog hairdo very distracting!)

shamitaShamita Shetty’s biggest claim to fame on the show is probably that she is (Big Brother winner) Shilpa Shettys baby sister. Sadly though I think any tips she may have gotten from big sis won’t really come in handy here, she appears to be going for the “goody” two shoes award right now. (Sorry, my bad.)

poonPoonam Dhillon you know of course, is a pretty major Bollywood star from way back when. Best known for films like “Noorie”, and “Sohni Mahiwal.” I find it just a little disturbing to see her like this. (It’s kinda killed the magic of cinema, know what I mean?)Untitled-2

Ismail Darbar is a music composer/director. You’ve heard his achey-breaky heart pour out in films like “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” and “‘Devdas” currently he’s the house’s broken record on what is or isn’t “fair.”

shSherlyn Chopra (formerly known as Mona Chopra) is a model, singer and bollywood actress. Most recently seen in “Dil Bole Hadippa.” So far I couldn’t even tell which one she was, but then late at night she totally bitched out the competition. Impressive.

vinduVindu Dara Singh is that rare breed of TV actor that constantly makes you feel like there is a bug crawling up your leg. His only claim to fame is that his father is the famous wrestler Dara Singh. It’s too bad daddy didn’t slap him upside the head a lot more when he was a kid. He’s the house’s chief instigator (and I think he fancy’s himself this year’s Rahul Mahajan. Blech.)

kKamal R Khan is a Bhojpuri actor (best known for a small movie called Desh Drohi) and a major jackass. He has an ego the size of pluto and I suspect that’s probably where he’s from. I’m guessing he’s getting evicted next and he knows it.

rohitRohit Verma is a fashion designer (and yes you can say it) he’s probably gay. He seems like a good chap and easily amused. He reminds me of Noddy.

clClaudia Ciesla is a German model of Polish descent and the house’s firang factor. Her claim to fame is that her breasts are entirely natural (as verified by the German newspaper that arranged the examination.) Yeah, that’s not weird at all. She’s picking up where Jade Goody left off and trying desperately to fit in with these freaks. Takes one to know one I guess!

rajuRaju Srivastav got his moment in the limelight with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (although he didn’t win.) He is sparsely funny in the house. But really how can you blame him.

jayaJaya Sawant is probably one of the few we all knew as Rakhi Sawant’s estranged mummy and the first to be axed from the show (shattering her life long desire to become an actress.) It also just occurred to me that Rakhi was trying to make her own Bachchan clan, Jaya mummy, Abhishek… lol.

OMG, for their next task they are ALL dancing to the one song I simply cannot stand. It’s Chiggy Viggy time. Damn, just when I thought I could actually watch this season.

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